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5 Strange Household Items to Clean With

Did you know you can clean your home with toothpaste? How about ketchup? Whether you want to avoid using harsh chemicals, ran out of cleaner and don’t want to take a trip to the store, or are just looking to get creative with what you have, below are five strange items you can clean your home with.

Toothpaste. Do you notice hard water stains on the exterior of your home or car windows? A little toothpaste can take care of that. Choose a non-gel variety, squirt a bit of paste onto a clean, damp rag, and rub in a circular motion to remove the stains. Wipe down with a clean, wet sponge or cloth to remove paste residue.

Ketchup. America’s favorite condiment also makes a terrific cleaner for brass, jewelry and silver. Why? The tomatoes in ketchup up its acetic acid content to around 4 percent.

Olive oil. Is your coffee or dining room table riddled with rings from cold or warm beverages? Buff it out with a mixture of olive oil and salt, and remember to stay patient. The mixture can take several hours to take effect.

Vinegar. There are myriad ways to use white vinegar to clean your home. Make a mixture of half vinegar, half water to clean your walls, counters, shelves, fridge, and more. Have a pesky clogged drain? Skip the harsh chemical-ridden products. Simply dump two tablespoons of baking soda down the drain and follow it with a cup of vinegar for a fizzy, clean effect.

Salt. Salt, especially when combined with an acid, makes surfaces sparkle. Use salt and lemon juice to buff your stainless-steel appliances. Because it’s absorbent, salt is also a natural odor eliminator you could sprinkle in your stinky, post-workout sneakers.

Do these strange, yet inexpensive, household cleaning tips sound intriguing enough to try out around your home? If so, have some fun!