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4 Easy Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Are you sick of the food stains on your stove top? How about the fingerprints that never seem to come off your stainless steel appliances? With these cleaning hacks, you can keep your kitchen just as spotless as it looked when you first moved in. 

Steam Your Microwave
It’s inevitable for your microwave to get dirty, from cooking and reheating all different kinds of food. Wipe out any crumbs with a wet rag or sponge first. Put about 2 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with water into a bowl and microwave for about four minutes. Let it sit and steam for about two minutes, then remove the bowl and turntable and with a new, damp sponge, wipe out the inside. Wash your turntable with soap and warm water and return to its place.

Clean Glass Stove Top With Dryer Sheets
With a glass stove top, you can expect food, grease and water stains to linger. Instead of scrubbing with cleaners – and possibly scratching your glass top – collect the dryer sheets from your last few loads of clean laundry. Lightly wet the used dryer sheets and place over the stains on your glass top. Leave them for 4-24 hours. Wipe clean to reveal a clean surface. 

Use Vinegar and Oil to Shine Stainless Steel
Whether you buy a home or upgrade your kitchen, stainless steel appliances are a popular and timeless style. Even though you get a sleek look, fingerprints, water spots and stains don’t seem to escape the surface. Spray white vinegar onto your appliance and wipe in the direction of the grain. Next, dip a paper towel or soft or microfiber cloth into olive oil and polish the stainless steel. Be sure to wipe in the direction of the grain for this step as well to ensure a smooth finish.

Pre-Soak Your Oven
Before you take on the task of cleaning your kitchen, take everything, including the racks, out of your oven. Soak your racks in warm, soapy water in the bathtub. Spray down the inside of the oven and let it set while you continue throughout the rest of the kitchen. Once you’re done with your other cleaning tasks, wipe out the oven thoroughly and scrub down racks with a sponge to remove burnt food and oils.