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7 Creative and Valuable Ways to Utilize Table Salt

The table salt that’s tucked away in your pantry or sitting on your counter can do a lot more than just zest your dinner. In fact, it can replace many costly and chemical-filled cleaning products around the house. From removing stains and rust to keeping your drinks cold, this simple kitchen ingredient will soon become your go-to tool when it’s time for chores. Here are seven different ways you can put table salt to use in and out of your kitchen. 

Scrub Your Tub
Soap scum and water stains can make your bathtub look outdated and dirty, even when it’s not. Sprinkling some table salt over a halved piece of grapefruit can help to dissolve and scrub off gunk, leaving your tub feeling shower fresh. 

Rid a Red Wine Stain
When red wine spills on a carpet, couch or piece of clothing, you need to take action fast. As soon as the spill occurs, liberally pour your salt on the entire area. This will help to pull the stain from the fibers in the carpet or fabric. Once the liquid is absorbed, vacuum it up and reveal a clean surface.

Remove Sweat Stains
Perspiration stains on your clothing are unappealing. With a clean sponge, dissolve three to four tablespoons of table salt into one quart of hot water. Dip your sponge into the mixture and dab onto clothing to remove the stains and your shirt will look as good as new.

Clean a Cast Iron Pan
Cast iron is one of the most debated kitchen items when it comes to the right way to clean it. Table salt is a great, all-natural solution for cast iron. Simply pour in a handful of salt—the coarser the better—directly into your pan. Add a small amount of water, forming a thick texture. Scrub in your solution using a clean kitchen rag, loosening up any debris or gunk from the bottom of the pan. Rinse and dry for a clean, ready-to-cook pan.

Clear Out Your Coffee Pot
Day after day, we enjoy our morning coffee. But the pot itself is often ignored. Remove coffee stains from your glass coffee pot with a simple mixture of four tablespoons of salt, one cup of crushed ice and one tablespoon of water. Pour your mix directly into the pot and swirl it around, removing stains and odor. Allow the pot to cool before cleaning and give it a quick rinse before making your next cup of joe.

Wipe a Wooden Cutting Board
Whether you’re chopping up chicken or slicing up fruit, a wooden cutting board can hold a lot of grime. With a little salt and a half of a lemon, you can scrape off any gunk left behind. Simply pour your salt into the halved lemon and scrub to reveal a clean and refreshed cutting board, sanitized and ready for chopping.

Remove Rust
You can use the same method that you use to scrub a wooden cutting board to remove rust from kitchen knives, scissors and other utensils. Simply pour some salt on a halved lemon and lightly scrub each piece until the rust has been removed.