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How to Vacation More Safely

Even though vacations may look a little different this year, there are many great ways to enjoy the season, whether you’re headed off on a roadtrip or simply to the backyard. Farmers Insurance recommends considering the following tips to help enjoy a safer summer:

Know Before You Go – Before embarking on a road trip adventure, consider getting an overall checkup of your car to ensure comfortable cruising, especially if your car has been sitting for an extended period of time. Take your car to a professional for an inspection well in advance of your trip, so you have plenty of time to address any unexpected issues that come up.

Check Your Coverage – It’s also a good idea to know your insurance coverage before getting behind the wheel. You probably already know your personal auto coverage, but if you’re planning to rent a vehicle or an RV for your travels, it’s worth checking in with your insurance agent to understand what coverages you have and discuss coverage options you may want.

Go Phone-Free in the Car – Limiting mobile phone use is one of the easiest ways to become a more focused driver—and that keeps everyone safer on the road. Recent driving data from Farmers Signal® app, which is powered by TrueMotion, shows that non-call phone use while driving is up 50 percent compared to pre-coronavirus levels. For more focused driving, make your car a “phone-free zone.”

Pump the Brakes – Take the time to safely slow down if you have to go over a pothole or any other object in the road and keep a safe distance from other cars. Farmers data indicates that 24 percent of all collision claims in the summer involve a rear-end collision.

Enjoy a Quiet Drive – Road trips are great for bonding with loved ones, but boisterous conversation can be a distraction for drivers. Take a cue from the 33 percent of people who believe that talking to passengers, even those seated in the back seat, poses a danger to others on the road and keep the chat light.

Treat Yourself – Your homecation is still a vacation—treat it like one. Many of us are working from home these days, so it’s important to be intentional about taking time to relax and unplugging from your home office. Set up an out-of-office reply for your work emails, think about turning off email notifications on your phone and be sure to take plenty of pictures so you can cherish your homecation memories forever.

Get All Decked Out – Think about taking on home improvement projects that expand your living space to the outdoors. Renovations like building a deck or balcony can create a much-needed personal paradise after spending so much time indoors—and can increase your home’s value. Consider checking in with your insurance agent to understand what coverages you have and discuss coverage options you may want.

Guard Your Pool With an App – Pool safety rule number one: never leave children unattended. You may already have a locked gate to help keep kiddos away from the pool, but you may also want to think about adding a high-tech monitoring system that connects WiFi motion sensors, lights and cameras around your pool to your smartphone.

Bounce Into Safety – Trampolines can be a fun addition to your backyard setup, but they also can create a safety hazard, especially when multiple people are bouncing at once. Flips and somersaults can also be major causes of injury. Set firm ground rules for trampoline use at your home that limit use to one person at a time and prioritize safe bouncing.