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Make Exercise Fun for Your Kids

Staying active is important for kids, but with the rise of technology, screens and video games, it can be hard to get, and keep, them interested. Get fit as a family with fun and exciting ways to keep your bodies moving. Whether you’re stuck indoors or eager to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, these activities and exercises can keep your kids, and the whole family, engaged and healthy.

Daily Workout
With a chalkboard or white board, each day you can create a list of five to 10 exercises. Get the family together and complete each workout, crossing them off as you go. Let your kids time themselves with a stopwatch for motivation. Set goals to encourage them and even offer a reward for a job well done. 

Obstacle Course
For an exciting outdoor activity, create an obstacle course from existing toys and sports equipment. Create age-appropriate challenges and encourage a bit of healthy competition to strengthen the body and the mind. For hot days, incorporate water features and even pull out some inflatable pool toys for some added fun. Once it is all set up, let them run and enjoy the course to test their coordination.

Scavenger Hunt
The best part of a scavenger hunt is that it can be done practically anywhere. Whether in the house, out in the yard or even on a hike, a scavenger hunt keeps your kids active and allows a bit of exploration. Create your own rules, such as a time limit, awards and even break up into teams for some added competition.

Family Yoga 
If you’re looking for a quieter and more calming alternative for staying active, yoga is a great choice. With endless free classes online and on demand, you and your children can create your own oasis right in the comfort of your living room. Put on some calming music and follow along to an instructor, or create your own yoga program that fits each of your needs.