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Unique Tips to Get More Movement in Your Day

Experts say that “sitting is the new smoking” and that a sedentary lifestyle can have some serious side effects to long-term health. These clever tips can help you get in those steps each and every day.

Office Games
A healthy twist on a classic game is just what you need to get in that extra exercise at the office. Make a predetermined list of triggering events and their exercise consequences. For instance, any time the copier is jammed, do 10 squats. Every time someone “replies all” to an email do 5 jumping jacks. Make it an office-wide game for added fun.

Be the “Yes” Man
Go ahead and volunteer for those errands no one wants to do. Picking up lunch for your department meeting or dropping off those files to the front desk all provide additional opportunities for a short walk and some extra steps. Plus, you’ll likely benefit from being so helpful around the office.

Put up a Fridge “Cover Charge”
If you are at home for long chunks of time, you may be tempted to grab a snack to satiate your boredom more than your hunger. If you find yourself heading to the fridge just to find something to do, put up a “cover charge” and roll a die. Each possible number corresponds with a set of exercises. It can be a fun way to add some extra activity without taking too much time from your day. 

Create a “No Sit” Hour
Specify a time once a day to avoid sitting on furniture. You can walk or stand, but you must conduct your daily business while avoiding a chair. Use a standing desk (or make your own with a few books or boxes), take a walk while on your conference call or simply use a treadmill while watching your favorite show. However you decide to take your hour, make sure it’s not your traditional exercise or gym time. This should be a separate portion of your day dedicated to light movement or standing.

Whether you are hoping to get a beach body or you are simply hoping to feel a little more energetic throughout your day, a little extra movement can do wonders for your goals.