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4 Ways to Prep for Being Out of the Office

Sometimes getting ready to go on vacation can be so stressful that it makes you wonder if going on vacation at all is actually worth it. If you’re working around the clock just to be able to take a week off, try some of the following ideas from Asana to help you get ready for that well-deserved break from the action.

1. Prioritize. Take a deep breath and prioritize what needs to be done before you leave. Don’t get consumed with the thought that everything has to be done before you head out of town.

2. Create an out-of-office project for your team. Just because you’re going away doesn’t mean that important project you’re working on has to stop dead in its tracks. To avoid the stress of trying to rush to get something done before you leave, assign tasks to your team for the time while you’re away. That way the project stays on track and you can pick up the ball without falling behind when you get back.

3. Decide who will be responsible for what. Make sure people know who to go to with questions, or for coverage while you’re away. This will prevent projects from stalling and coworkers or clients from getting frustrated by having to wait for you to return to get something done. Most importantly, it means a stress-free return to the office for you.

4. Be clear about your availability—if any—while you’re away. Let team members know if you’ll be checking email and voicemail at all and, if so, how often. Will it be once a day in the morning or at night? Once every other day? Not at all? Whatever the case may be, clearly set expectations for the benefit of all involved.

Taking these steps will give you peace of mind that all is well at the office so that you can truly enjoy your time away and avoid coming back to chaos.