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Wellness Communities: A New Trend in Luxury Real Estate

For the past couple of years, ‘wellness’ has been a buzzword in luxury real estate. As our living spaces have evolved to promote a healthy lifestyle, it should come as no surprise really that affluent homebuyers are prepared to spend a little extra on features that support this.

The latest trend, however, is a rise in entire communities that are specifically designed to facilitate wellbeing. If you’re ready to live in a neighborhood where your wellness is the top priority, here’s what you can expect to find at these exclusive enclaves.

Wellness Intelligence Systems
Smart home technology has quickly become an essential feature in luxury real estate, yet the residences in these communities are being equipped with a certain type that utilizes state-of-the-art sensors and filtration systems to create the healthiest possible living environment. The Darwin by Delos system, for example, monitors air and water quality while removing contaminants and can simulate natural light to align with your circadian rhythm.

Clean Building Materials
Many people, especially those living in older residences, feel a sense of uncertainty over the materials used to build their home. These communities specifically address such anxieties by guaranteeing that your living environment was constructed using only nontoxic and renewable materials that are ethically sourced. If the circadian lighting doesn’t help you sleep better at night, this should.

Green Community Spaces
These well-appointed neighborhoods tend to be enveloped in nature. You’ll find plenty of green spaces, like lush gardens, dog parks and biking trails, where you can feel connected to the outdoors and breathe the fresh air. Additionally, you can expect to be surrounded by others who enjoy embracing nature without sacrificing any luxuries.

Expansive Wellness Centers
It should go without saying, but these communities boast resort-like wellness centers where you can pamper yourself from sunrise to sunset. Treatment rooms, hydrotherapy plunge pools and first-class fitness facilities are all on tap to ensure an alignment between your physical and mental wellbeing.