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7 Ways to Save Money Like Grandma Did

While dealing with food rationing, supply shortages and tight budgets, many of our grandmas found ways to make money stretch while keeping their families happily fed and clothed.

Home economists suggest seven ways to make your money go further by following grandma’s example.

  • Buy From the Farmer – Cut out the middleman and buy fresh produce directly from the farmer at one of the thousands of farmer’s markets that pop up every week in towns and cities everywhere. 
  • Learn Basic Sewing – No need to pay the tailor to repair a torn seam or take up a hem. Check out YouTube tutorials or take a basic sewing class at a local crafts store and think of the money you’ll save over the years by doing those simple chores yourself.
  • Swap Talents – If you can mow your neighbor’s lawn, and she loves to bake, trade your lawn care skills for her cinnamon rolls and you both make out like bandits without reaching into your pockets.
  • Eat In – Our grandparents didn’t rely on restaurant dining or take-out. Eating in is cheaper and  you don’t need to be a gourmet cook. Schedule taco night, pasta night, pizza night, soup night, even an occasional breakfast or salad night and, if possible, share the chef’s hat with your spouse or kids and let them add their ideas.
  • Pay With Cash – Grandma didn’t have a credit card, and paying with cash helps you control how much you spend. It also removes temptation to put too much on the credit card and wind up paying double the cost of your purchase because of the interest accrued.  
  • Pack a Lunch – It’s okay to go out to lunch now and then, but packing your lunch on most work days will help you control portions, cut down on calories and save dollars every week.
  • Give More DIY Gifts – Who doesn’t love a plate of homemade brownies? Or a cozy-warm hand-knit afghan? Instead of buying gifts for family and friends, give an album of curated family photos or a coupon for a weekend of pet-sitting.
  • Save a Little – Grandma fed a piggy bank and saved a dollar a week in a Christmas Club account. You can, too, and/or set up a direct-deposit to automatically save.