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4 Ways to Give Your Backyard a Farmhouse Look

With spring in full effect, more people are looking at their outdoor spaces to create a stylish place to spend time with family and friends. For those who love a farmhouse aesthetic, items like reclaimed wood and wicker can be a great addition to your deck, patio or yard. To pull off a rustic look, try these four design tips for your outdoor living area, including your garden. 

Use Natural Materials 
When you think of traditional farmhouse design, it includes a lot of natural materials. When choosing your patio furniture, be sure to consider reclaimed wood tables and wicker chairs for a truly rustic feel. Wrought iron is another great option, and when treated correctly, may be your best option for all weather conditions. Add in a few vintage pieces—check estate sales and tag sales—to add some extra charm to your yard. 

Let Your Landscaping Inspire a Rustic Design
What’s nice about a farmhouse look when it comes to your garden is that the aesthetic works best in an organic and rustic setting. Invest in plants that don’t need much maintenance and be sure to have neutral colors and tones, sticking to mostly greenery. Natural shades will compliment the design, so don’t go overboard with colorful flowers and bushes. You’ll likely have some large trees and bushes on your property, so use them as inspiration for seating areas, or add some decor to draw attention to these spaces.

Highlight Glass Accents 
Mixing glass into your natural materials adds an interesting contrast to your farmhouse aesthetic. Milk pails, pitchers and crocks are great accent pieces and can even be used to hold flowers as a centerpiece. White glass is your best option aesthetically, but green glass will also help tie in the natural surroundings. If you are looking to add in a pop of color, opt for a brighter piece, such as red or blue, just don’t go too colorful as your space may lose that rustic appeal. For an added visual interest, hang a stained glass window on the side of your home or from a large tree branch in the yard.

Get Creative With Details
To truly embrace the farmhouse aesthetic, each detail matters. Of course, you have already brought in the glass accents and natural furniture, but there is much more to consider. Bring out white or off-white pillows with small embroidered details, and even mix in a few patterns with neutral tones, as well as a touch of red or blue. For a chilly spring evening, be sure to have blankets available, stored in a dry corner in a wicker basket to keep the rustic look. Add vintage lighting, such as an iron lantern, and even hang up reclaimed shutters to mimic a classic farmhouse or barn look.