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5 Add-ins for Refreshing Summer Drinks

The summer sun may invite tons of fun, but it can also bring uncomfortable heat and dehydration. If you’re ready to enjoy those golden rays, try out one of these delicious water add-ins to ensure the most refreshing drinks possible this summer.

Grapefruit or Lime
A classic add-in, lemon’s citrus kick is a refreshing take on plain water. If you love the zesty flavor of lemon but want something different, try adding grapefruit or lime to your water for a delicious hint of flavor.

Mint and Blueberry
Muddled mint and blueberries make a delicious addition to mixed drinks, but they can also serve as an invigorating addition to your iced water. For a truly special kick, use carbonated water and a pinch of fresh-squeezed lime to create a healthy and alcohol-free version of a summertime blueberry mojito.

Strawberry and Basil
This combo reminiscent of a light and refreshing summer salad can make an excellent addition to your water. To ensure that your drink truly takes on the flavor of this combination, be sure to let the items infuse for 10-15 minutes before you plan to drink it. If you want the flavor to truly pack a punch, let the add-ins infuse longer.

Blood Orange and Ginger
For a hydrating drink that no one can call boring, thinly slice a blood orange and ginger to add into your water. For a lighter infusion, add it in directly before drinking. Ginger can be a particularly strong flavor, so be sure to add only a little alongside your blood orange slices.

If you’re in the mood for a classic and simple addition to your water, look no further than sliced cucumber. Cucumber water’s simplicity makes it ideal for serving guests or children who may not like the complex flavors of stronger infusions.

Staying hydrated doesn’t have to be boring, these add-in options are perfect for sipping on your back porch or at an outdoor brunch. Whenever you choose to make them, you’ll be sure to enjoy quenching your thirst with these perfect additions for your summer drinks.