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7 Fruits and Vegetables That You Can Grow Indoors

To grow your own fruits and vegetables, you don’t need a greenhouse or large outdoor garden. In fact, you can enjoy homegrown foods from the comfort of your kitchen! Other than those veggies, like carrots that have deep roots, anything with a shallow root system can be grown right on your countertop or on the windowsill. Try growing these seven fruits and vegetables indoors, and enjoy them year round. 

Because of the shallow root system, lettuce is a great option to grow indoors. They do not require large pots, and while inside, you no longer need to worry about those munching little bunnies. All different varieties, such as bibb, leaf and romaine, can be grown from seeds or pre-planted pots. 

Small peppers, such as chilis and jalapeños, are perfect for indoor gardening, as long as they have a sunny place to live and grow. Peppers are perfect for creating your own hot sauces, using as garnish or drying out and mixing into homemade seasonings. Be sure to plant peppers in pots with good drainage.  

Looking to go for something a little larger? Squash, though they take up some realty space, are a great vegetable to grow indoors. From acorn and butternut squash to different varieties of zucchini, with a small corner for your bush, you can grow these veggies in no time…all you need are seeds!   

If you have any additional space, such as a countertop, you can easily grow fungi in your home. With a little spritz of water and a mushroom growing kit, this decorative and rustic option will allow you to grow all different mushroom varieties perfect for the grill, an addition to your next pasta dish or a delicious sauce. 

If you want some fresh citrus options in your home, look no further. You don’t need an orchard to pick your own lemons, limes or oranges. In a sunny area and a large pot, you can plant a citrus tree right in your living room. Be sure to not overwater, though, as your citrus fruits won’t be able to reach their full potential. 

Strawberries are a very popular plant to grow indoors, both in pots and hanging containers. However, many people choose to not have strawberries indoors, as they can attract flies. But when cared for properly, you can enjoy a fresh and delicious berry any time of year. Place the seeds in moist, shallow soil, keep the soil moist and be sure the pot has good drainage. 

With enough space and a dwarf banana tree, you can enjoy this tropical fruit in any climate, any time of the year. That said, this indoor plant does need some extra care. The grafted plants can only be purchased online and need constant misting to replicate humidity from their natural habitat. They will grow in clusters, so be sure to wait until they are fully developed and pick all together.