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5 Tips to Make Grocery Shopping a Breeze

Grocery shopping is a necessary chore for every household. And while it is important to ensure that your health and budget is on track, no one wants to spend hours wandering down the aisles in their free time. These five tips will prevent just that and help make your next grocery shopping trip a breeze.

Create a Checklist of Common Purchases
Going into the store without an idea of what you need is a guaranteed way to spend excessive cash. We all know that a list can help with that, but making a list for each shopping trip can feel tedious. Instead of reinventing the wheel, make a checklist of commonly purchased items. You can keep it on the notes in your phone or written out and stuck to the fridge. Whenever you run out of your must-haves, check that item on your sheet. At the end of the week, you’ll have a ready-made list of items you can seamlessly grab at the grocery store.

Arrange Your List By Category
Making a list is only helpful if you refer to the sheet once you’re in the store. If your list is convoluted or too hard to navigate, you’re likely to overlook an important item or ignore your list altogether. Instead of forcing yourself to double back to another aisle by the time you’re halfway down your list, arrange your list by food groups (produce, meat, nonperishables, etc).

Keep Your Store’s Layout in Mind
If your favorite vegan butter is not found in the dairy section and only can be found in the natural food area of your grocery store, it is important to consider that when making your list. Category divisions can be useful, but if you regularly shop at the same grocery store, consider further refining your list by arranging it according to your store’s layout.

Avoid Deal Hopping
It can be tempting to go to more than one store to get the best deals. If you’re a diehard deal-finder, stick to just a couple of stores. Remember that the cost and time of travel should be weighed in your equation as well. Plus, the more stores you go to, the more chances you have of finding extra items you don’t need.

Divide and Conquer
Shopping for a family can mean that bulk or warehouse stores are an excellent option for certain items. If you find yourself also frequenting a traditional grocery store for items like produce, ask your partner or spouse to tackle one of those places. Make two lists and divide the task to complete your shopping trip much faster.