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Home Remodel Mistakes That Could Cost You

Remodeling your home is a big undertaking and an even bigger investment. With the expense and the time associated with a remodel, there’s no doubt you want to get the most bang for your buck. Unfortunately, not all updates are equal, and some can actually cost you. Make sure your next home update truly provides ROI by avoiding these home remodel mistakes.

Opting for Trendy Instead of Longevity

Trendy updates can be appealing, and if you’re looking to update a home for a quick sale, they may seem like a good option. While this may be true in high-end areas, the average buyer will likely be interested in a generic. 

Removing an Extra Bedroom

You may love the idea of expanding your living room to give yourself more space, but this remodel can cost you. An extra bedroom (even if it’s a small one) can have a big effect on your resale value down the road. Even if you feel like a small living room and a small bedroom seem like a downgrade, be sure you think of your resale value before you make any changes.

Carpeting the Garage

A carpeted garage may suit your needs–or be perfect as a teenage household member, but it won’t appeal to everyone. Garage space is coveted by most homebuyers, and while an extra space to hang out might be appealing, many homeowners prefer their garages to be used for storage and car parking. If you want to create a game room or workout space but aren’t willing to fully turn it into a functioning room, consider durable garage carpeting, which can hold up to cars and will be more appealing to buyers down the line.

Choosing the Lowest Bid

Going through a professional contractor for a home upgrade can be a big investment. It’s natural that you’ll want to cut down on costs, but don’t let that tempt you into choosing the lowest bid available. Be sure to find a professional who is fully licensed, has great reviews, and will use high-quality materials and workmanship.

Working Without a Permit

If you have a professional contractor, they’ll likely get the proper permits for your project. Since different municipalities have varying rules on what’s allowed and what needs to be approved, be sure you verify with your local building department to see what you’ll need. Unpermitted buildings or upgrades are often removed or torn down, and this can wreak havoc on your home’s value.