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Should You Remodel the Bathroom Before Listing Your House?

For people searching for their next home, a bathroom can make or break a potential sale. If your bathroom’s current condition or appearance would make potential buyers likely to pass on your house, it will be in your best interest to make some improvements before putting your home on the market.

You don’t necessarily have to make sweeping changes to sell your house. In fact, simple and affordable upgrades might provide better results.

Identify Any Issues That Would Make Buyers Think Twice
You should address any plumbing or electrical problems or issues that raise health or safety concerns. Even if problems aren’t obvious, a home inspector can spot them and include them in a report. A buyer who was interested in your house might ask you to make repairs or lower the price. A potential sale might even fall apart completely if a buyer decides to simply walk away.

A bathroom that’s outdated will be an instant turnoff for buyers. If your bathroom has a shower, vanity, wallpaper or other feature from a bygone area, replace it before listing your house.

Think About Cost vs. ROI
Bathroom remodeling projects can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but you don’t necessarily have to invest a large sum of money to get your house ready to sell. In many cases, sellers have better outcomes when they make minor changes.

Fresh paint on the walls and cabinets can transform your bathroom’s appearance. New hardware can revitalize an outdated or worn-out vanity. Replacing the mirror over the sink, adding some shelves and installing a new shower head are other affordable ways to make your bathroom look more appealing to potential buyers.

If your bathroom is in particularly bad shape, it’s seriously outdated, or the current layout doesn’t make good use of the space, you might have to make more significant changes. That might mean replacing the tub or sink, installing a new vanity or light fixture, or hiring a plumber to modify the bathroom’s design and make it more functional for the next family who will live there.

Those types of projects will cost a lot more than simple cosmetic upgrades, but it can be money well spent, especially in a buyer’s market. People won’t be interested in your house if the bathroom’s current design wouldn’t work for them and there are plenty of other properties available.

Ask Your Agent for Advice
Your real estate agent knows what the bathrooms are like in other houses in your city, which features are important to buyers, and whether your area is in a buyer’s or seller’s market. Your agent can give you an honest assessment of your bathroom’s condition and advise you on whether you should make changes. If you have limited funds available, your agent can help you figure out which upgrades will be most likely to help you attract a buyer.