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Remodeling Your Kitchen? Avoid These Outdated Trends

One of the most significant renovations you will make to your home, remodeling the kitchen is an expensive and labor-intensive project—but it can also yield considerable return on investment, not to mention enhancing daily life via the most important room of the house.

Given the scope of a kitchen remodel, however, it is a project that is often completed just once in the homeownership lifecycle. That’s why making the right choices when it comes to design and appliances is critical. Making trendy choices that can quickly become outdated can backfire. Here are some appliance trends, for example, that have become outdated, according to Martha Stewart.

Stainless steel. The gleaming hero of most kitchen renovations, stainless steel—particularly the trend of black stainless steel—is on its way out, according to design experts. The difficulty in keeping this shiny surface smudge and fingerprint-free is part of the issue. Opting for paneled appliances offers a fresh, easy-to-maintain design look for your new kitchen.

Gas ovens. With energy prices on the rise, opting for a gas oven might not be your best bet. Instead, look for electric wall ovens, which, depending on your space, allow you to have two ovens at the ready. You can also say goodbye to bending over to haul your roast out of the oven. When it comes to stovetops, induction varieties are fast, precise and easy to clean.

Industrial-sized fridges. While the appeal of vast amounts of space is easy to understand, the trend toward massive refrigerators is waning. Instead, going for additional cooling units placed in strategic areas, such as an ice machine built into a cabinet or a mini fridge in the family room, makes better use of energy, space and functionality.

Warm metal finishes. Those popular rose gold and copper tones of recent times have been replaced by finishes like patinated brass, which coordinates nicely with other finishes you may have in your kitchen, such as nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. This finish can also be very low-maintenance. Check with your manufacturer if you’d like to replace the handles on your appliances to a more updated variety; a replacement kit may be available for only a few hundred dollars.

While design trends can be important, remember that this is your home, so opt for what you like most. Even though that farmhouse sink may be outgoing in the design world, if you like it, that’s what matters most.