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5 Home Splurges Worth the Cost

The idea of a splurge means different things to different people, depending, in great measure, on how much “discretionary income” you have to spend. But while the things we choose to splurge on are a matter of choice, there are some luxury creature comforts that can make nearly everyone happier

When it comes to your home, decorators say splurging on items that look better, last longer, and/or increase our personal comfort are often worth more than they cost.

  • Luxury Linens – A good French linen duvet set, which will set you back about $250, is an heirloom-quality splurge that will get softer as you use it, is strong enough to withstand time and will keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The same is true for expensive Egyptian sheets, which wear better than their cheaper cousins and have a lovely, silken feel.
  • Turkish Cotton Towels – Aside from lending a luxurious, spa-like feel to your bathroom, these hefty towels are more absorbent and dry faster than ordinary towels. At $50 or $60 apiece, they are sure to increase your bath time enjoyment.
  • Wireless Speakers – They will let you bring your favorite podcast into the kitchen while you cook, your soothing white noise to the bedroom nightstand or music to almost anywhere else you want to hear it in your home. The sleekest versions may cost up to $400, but their versatility and low profile make them a worthwhile splurge.
  • A Le Creuset French Oven – A classic among devoted cooks, these porcelain-coated Dutch ovens have incredible heat retention and hold up against acids and stains as you turn out delectable stews, soups and more. They can cost up to $350, but you may be able to reduce your splurge if you prowl a few good discount home goods stores.
  • A Teak Cutting Board – If you love to cook, you should have had one years ago. At about $88, a good teak board is easier on knives, beautiful to look at and will last longer than any plastic cutting board.