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5 Easy Feng Shui Tips

So you want to add a little feng shui flavor to your home? The following tips can help foster a strong connection between your space and your energy, which can impact the way you feel when you move through your home, and attract positivity in your life.

1. Pay attention to your entryway. Everyone likes to make a grand entrance, right? Pay mind to how you decorate the front hall or front door of your home; it’s the first thing you see when you enter, and sets the tone for how you will feel as you transition into your space.

2. Add plants. Houseplants quite literally breathe life into your space. They foster growth and creativity, and clean your air. Win! Choose something easy to care for, like a fern or a succulent.

3. Balance your bed. To feel more grounded and balanced, make sure to even out each side of your bed. This means have matching nightstands and lamps on each side so the room looks and feels even. It also helps promote equal energy between you and your sleeping partner, should you have one.

4. Center your desk. If you work at home even occasionally, pull your desk away from the wall and face it out into the room, or at a window. Facing a wall can block creative energy. Open your space to let the energy move freely.

5. Create a gallery vibe. If you’re a fan of art or have a large collection of family photos, arrange them gallery-style, not in a straight line. Sharp edges (like those found in a straight line of photos) can be off-putting. Instead, arrange your photos in the floating, visually-appealing style of a gallery wall.

Jennifer Dion, Realtor