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4 Reasons You Should Compost

If you’re environmentally aware, you’re likely already doing several things at home to help the planet. Recycling, using less water and fuel and making smart purchasing choices can all help reduce your carbon footprint. Composting is a fantastic way to help out mama earth, and with many convenient options, it’s no longer just for those living in the country.

Below are 4 reasons you should consider composting.

It gives back. By composting your food scraps, you’re helping to keep hundreds of pounds of food waste from rotting in landfills. Instead, it will turn into healthy, nutrient rich soil right in your yard or compost space. If everyone composted, sources show we could divert roughly 36 million tons of waste from rotting away in landfills.  

It creates healthy plants. If you have a yard or garden you tend to, composting is one of the top ways to help yield a healthy harvest. Compost feeds your plants a top notch diet and helps them grow big, strong, and more pest resistant.

It can save you dollars. If you’re used to purchasing fertilizer for your garden or yard, using your own composted soil can save you money, and nix the need for the harsh chemicals found in many store-bought fertilizers.

It’s convenient. Many city-dwellers don’t compost because they believe they don’t have the space for it, and who wants a rotting pile of scraps in a tiny apartment? However, there are many programs that support composting in cities. In fact, over 90 U.S. cities and communities offer municipal food-waste collection in a fashion similar to recycling programs. Some cities, like San Francisco, even require composting. The hilly city has a compost and recycling pick up routine that keeps a stunning 75 percent of trash out of their landfills. Do some research on your community to find a compost system.

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