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3 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV

Is your evening couch potato routine with your partner growing stale? It can be hard to find the energy to connect after a long day of work, but while watching television may be a good way to turn your brain off, it certainly doesn’t help with connecting. Below are several easy, inexpensive ways to connect with your loved one in the evening.

Play a board game. There’s nothing better than a little healthy competition to add some excitement to a relationship. If you’re not a board game fan, pick up some cards instead and let the fun begin.

Color together. Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. By setting your mind to a singular task, you often end up in a calm, almost meditative state. You may also find yourself engaging in deeper conversation as pressure is removed by the task at hand.

Tackle a creative project. If you and your partner enjoy working together, try doing something creative, like making vision boards with magazine cut-outs, planning a dream vacation you’ll never go on, or even diving into a puzzle.

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