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5 Ways to Freshen the Smell of Your Home

Whether you just moved into a new place or are looking to freshen up for important company, getting rid of musty odors can be difficult. Below are five helpful ways to freshen up the smell of your spot.

Include house plants. Even the subtlest-smelling house plant will help clean the air through natural filtration. In addition to potted varieties, add cut flowers in vases for a sweet floral scent.

Wash walls. Odors can often become trapped on your actual walls. Once a year, remove pictures and art and give the walls a good scrub down with a natural solution, like diluted vinegar. Be sure to test the solution in an unseen corner first to make sure no discoloring will occur.

Air out drapes. Heavy window hangings are a prime culprit of trapped smells. Drag them outside to hang on a breezy line for a day to return them to their natural smelling state.

Clean rugs. If you have area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting, it’s important to give them annual washings to keep them smelling fresh, especially if you’re a pet owner. You can air out area rugs outside, and steam clean installed carpeting.

Throw open windows. Opening all the windows in your home can do wonders for the smell state of your space. This is especially helpful in winter, when windows tend to stay closed for months on end as heat pumps inside. On a clear day where rain is not on the forecast, throw on a sweater and open your windows to refresh the air inside.

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