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3 Conversations to Have Before You Say 'I Do'

Getting ready to walk down the aisle? Congratulations! As you prep for your new life together, it’s important to talk about the big stuff. While hopefully you’ve cleared some topics already—like whether or not kids are in your future—the following conversations can help create a smooth ride should things shift later on.

Location, location, location. How happy are you both where you currently live? If kids enter the picture, would you want to move closer to family? Would either of you be willing to move with the other for a work opportunity? Clear these things now to minimize surprises later when one of you gets a new job offer or wants to leave city (or country) living behind.

Finances. How will marriage impact the way you do your finances? Will you share certain expenses? Merge bank accounts? Keep things separate? Money is the No. 1 cause of dissatisfaction in marriages, so financially clear the table now to save trouble later.

Home sweet home? If you aren’t already homeowners, is owning a home high on your priority list? If so, create a plan together to achieve it. Set a goal for when you would like to make the move from renting to owning. How much money should you each sock away annually to make your goal a reality? What does your dream home look like, and do your wants and needs align?

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