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Tips to Remove Stubborn Home Odors

Odors are a huge turnoff for potential homebuyers and can be difficult to remove. The truth is that most homes have some sort of smell to them. Most often, the people who live there don’t even notice.

This is especially true of pet odors. Owners become accustomed to their pet’s smell, such as from litter boxes for cats or from shedding. Visitors, however, are going to notice these odors, especially if the home is not properly cleaned.

Pet owners should use a carpet deodorizer when vacuuming—one that is designed to remove animal smells. Check your furniture for odors as well. If you smell your pet, wash the cushion covers or use a deodorizing product if they aren’t machine washable. If the pet smell is very prominent, consider having the carpets and furniture professionally cleaned. Cat owners should clean out the litter box daily and should wash it with water and liquid soap regularly.

Non-pet owners aren’t off the hook odor-wise. Many things can make a home smell, but there are four easy steps to take to cut down on strong odors.

  1. Think about what you cook. Even with an exhaust fan, things like fish and bacon can produce odors that linger. Baking cookies before showings or open houses is a classic trick to give a house a pleasant smell.
  1. Light a candle. Scented candles can add a pleasing smell to the home and set a relaxing mood. Pick candles with more neutral smells or think seasonal (pumpkin in the fall, pine during the holidays, etc.).
  1. Take out the trash. Empty all trash containers around the house before showings or open houses. Focus on the kitchen as it’s likely to contain food scraps. Also consider washing the trash container if you haven’t in a while. Empty trash baskets are more visually appealing anyway.
  1. Maintain a clean fridge. Cleaning a refrigerator is a must when selling a house. Empty it out regularly so that food odors don’t build up. Don’t forget to add a box of baking soda to absorb odors.

And if the weather permits, open up the windows. Even if it’s just for a short amount of time, it’s the simplest way to clear out odors!