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Move Over Pink and Blue: Neutral Colors for Baby's Room

Are you planning a nursery for a babe-on-the-way? Whether you’re waiting to learn the baby’s gender, or are hoping to choose a more neutral color than the typical blue and pink, consider the following options:

Gray. This is an extremely versatile color; the shade options are endless and it matches with just about everything. Additionally, gray is a soft, peaceful color, so you’ll be bringing tranquility into your baby’s life from day one.

Seafoam green. Gentle and mild, this neutral color is both fun and soothing.

Orange. While an entirely orange room may be overkill, choosing a neutral white or gray with bright coral accents or a single tangerine wall is lively and fun.

Navy. While technically in the blue family, this deep rich color doesn’t scream “boy” like a powdery baby blue. Offset it with yellow or orange accents.

Beige. Don’t think ‘brown’ when you hear beige. This soft, buttery color is calm, neutral and pairs well with bright yellows and oranges.