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Curtain Alternatives to Dress Your Windows

Looking to dress your windows with something other than curtains? The following ideas are fun, great for creative expression and relatively inexpensive.

Screens. These thin, partially transparent screens can be pulled down when you need them and still let some light through.

Bright frames. Don’t want any type of coverage but looking for a color pop? Paint bright wooden frames (think pictures frames) and fit them around your window for flare.

Canopies. Instead of hanging curtains on a rod, fix two long sheaths of fabric from a bed crown hung above the window and then draw them back like curtains. This looks particularly lovely behind a bed.

Beads. Grab a funky beaded curtain, available in all shapes and sizes—a great addition to a kid’s bedroom or playroom.

Frosted glass. If you’re looking at a room with windows that always need covering—like those above a bathtub or the bed—consider installing panes of frosted glass for full-time coverage.