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Family-Friendly Artwork Apps

In the age of apps, there’s more to preserving the masterpieces your children create than just sticking them on the refrigerator.

Eventually, the magnets will slip and something that’s dear to you—or your child—could fall off and end up in the trash. If you have the space for keeping their school artwork or homemade projects, you may keep them in plastic containers and sort through them at a later time. But if you’re running out of closet space or are worried that too many of these precious memories will be lost, there are some mobile options that can help you archive them. Here are a few:

Cloud Storage
If you don’t want to keep the physical papers around, take a photo with your phone and store it in the cloud or on your computer’s hard drive. To share them with relatives, put them in Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Be sure to protect them with a password that you only give to relatives.

Digital Apps
Photos or videos are the most obvious ways to electronically store these projects, though mobile apps can help you organize and enhance them.

Keepy and Canvsly are two apps that help save and organize children’s art and school projects. Keepy allows audio and video commentary to be recorded while capturing images of a child’s artwork—grandparents and others can be invited to view the artwork, and can comment on it. They also have built-in tools to create and buy photo books and other gift items from artwork you’ve saved.

As with any company, assume it will go out of business one day and that your data will be lost. Keep a digital copy somewhere, or you can also print them out for a photo book.

Custom Printing
If you don’t want to print the artwork through apps, you can either have your smartphone photos printed at Costco or other stores, or go to a custom printing company such as Plum Print to have your photos professionally organized and printed into a book.

Make it Public
If you want to share your children’s art beyond friends and relatives, Artsonia is an online and worldwide student art museum. Upload the artwork to the Artsonia mobile app and you can share it with the world. Not only will your child’s grandparents be bragging about their artwork, but the rest of the world might too.