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Productivity Tips to Start Your Day

Looking to boost your daily productivity? Start by taking a look at your morning habits. Incorporating just a few of these into your get-up-and-go routine may help.

Say no to snooze. Hitting the snooze button is tempting, but starting your day by procrastinating your wake-up will not set you up for productivity! Set your phone or alarm clock across the room so you have to rise to shut it off.

Have a “you” ritual. Whether it’s a walk with your pup, reading a few poems from your favorite poem book or listening to a short podcast, do something for yourself first-thing.

Savor silence. Even if you’re not a meditator, sitting for a few moments of silence in a favorite spot in your house can clear your mind and ready you for the day.

Make a morning list. Savor your cup of coffee as you go over a daily task list of the items you need to tackle. This will help set you straight for the day. If you’re extra ambitious, make a weekly and monthly to-do list as well.