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Tips for Taking a Tech Time-Out

Between your desk job, your social media accounts and your nightly Netflix-a-thon, those hours in front of a screen really stack up. Too much time in front of a screen can seriously damage your vision and hinder your mental health. Below are a few tips for stepping away:

Host a weekly game night. Skip the TV time for a weekly game night with family or friends. Pick out your fav, old-school board game and get some healthy competition flowing, away from your phone.

Set a ruleā€”no phones in bed. Leave your phone charging in another room when you head to bed. This will keep you from staying up late checking social media and checking your messages as soon as your eyes are open. You may need to revert to an old-school alarm clock, but the time away from your screen will be worth it.

Skip the video chat. While video chatting with friends and family can be a great way to see their faces, it does mean more screen time. Once in a while, opt for a regular phone call and let your eyes rest as you catch up.

Leave your phone at home. Once a month or, if you can swing it, once a week, go on an outing and leave your phone at home. For safety precautions, let your family know where you’ll be and that you’ll be out of reach. Head to a museum, park, movie or restaurant and let your mind wander, phone-free.