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10 Words to Help You Sell Quicker

Marketing your home positively is a mish-mash of many things; however, studies have shown that Canadians respond to certain words more readily than they do to others. Not only can using the right words help you sell quicker, it may also help you sell for more money.

When you and your REALTOR® sit down to discuss the marketing strategy for your home, you might want to think about incorporating some of these keywords when advertising:

Luxurious. The word rolls off the tongue as smoothly as silk. You can certainly showcase something in your home using this descriptive word. How about a luxurious bath?

Impeccable. It’s a clean word. It evokes a stately majesty—even if you’re selling a three-bedroom bungalow.

Captivating. This is a perfect adjective for a lovely garden. If you were the purchaser, could you envision yourself sitting in a yard surrounded by captivating flowers?

Landscaped. Do a little yard work, plant some flowers and shrubs and, suddenly, your yard is beautifully landscaped. It’s a word that creates a positive image for a purchaser.

Upgraded. This word widens the eyes of buyers. Anything that has been given a new lease on life in a home they’re thinking of buying means more money in their pockets.

Tile. Cool, shiny, sleek and clean—that is the feeling tile invokes. Surely, you have tile in some areas of your home. Tile is modern and trendy. It’s a great word to incorporate into any ads.

Spotless. This is the cousin of impeccable. Buyers want to think of themselves as living in a fresh, clean home. There’s nothing better than “spotless” to describe that.

Gentle. If you use this to describe the surroundings, it’s perfect. In fact, listings that incorporated the word “gentle” in some way sold for 2.3 per cent more, on average, than what was expected, according to a recent study.

Stainless. Expect to get five per cent more than you thought for your home when buyers see the word “stainless” in some part of the listing or ad. Again, it conjures up images of strength, modernity and sleekness.

Beautiful. You can always find something that is truly beautiful about your home. Beautiful memories, for one. What buyer wouldn’t think about making beautiful, new memories in their new home?