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Here's How to Bring Warm Minimalism into Your Home

Minimalism has been having a moment for some time now. As trends evolve and tastes change, however, we’re seeing a slight twist being put on the less-is-more movement. The result is “warm minimalism.”

For those who enjoy the lack of clutter but find minimalism to be too sparse, this might be your new favorite look in interior design. Focused on achieving a living space that strikes a balance between simple and cozy, here are a few tips to bring the look into your home!

Bare necessities

Like the form it emerged from, warm minimalism is all about stripping down to the essentials and eliminating chaos. This doesn’t just mean doing away with the trinkets and knick knacks, but cutting down on eclectic patterns and intricate color schemes in order to create an environment that exudes a sense of harmony.

Sleek but Warm

The key is to pick out décor with warm textures and sleek lines so that your home still feels inviting. After all, the last thing you want is for it to look like an empty house you just moved into. Organic materials like wood and stone work well and, rather than having sterile white walls, try a light cream color. Cozy, neutral tone furniture, especially leather, will fit into the mix and complement the base textures.

Curated Objects

This is where you can infuse a bit of personality, but be careful because it can also make or break the entire aesthetic. A few thoughtfully curated objects, like antiques or handmade crafts, that can stand on their own without overpowering the room are ideal. If you’re only using a few small pieces to fill a large area, it’s okay for them to be a bit more intricate, like an ornate mirror or piece of artwork. Ceramic pottery with a visually appealing houseplant or tree is another great way to fill the space without introducing clutter.