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How to Design a Modern-Rustic Home

Blending rustic charm with modern style is one of those design trends that continues to impress. Whether you have a historic home in need of an updated aesthetic or, conversely, you’re looking to introduce some countryside appeal to your contemporary abode, it’s a versatile look that lends itself to a variety of settings.

Here are a few of the key characteristics to design the modern-rustic home of your dreams.

Organic Textures

Organic textures are at the center of homes that fuse these two styles, especially raw wood. You can get creative juxtaposing different materials, like concrete walls and reclaimed wooden ceilings, that are effortlessly stylish when paired together. Stone is also commonly incorporated.

Open it Up

As is the case in most modern homes, large windows and an open floorplan are essential components that allow sunlight to fill the living space. It creates a sense of flow throughout the home while also bringing the earthy textures to life. Going a step further, the rustic look is all about keeping things exposed, so don’t cover up those beautiful brick walls or wood beams—keep it open!

Natural Tones

Stick to a color palette that’s simple with warm and natural tones when picking out décor. Shades of tan or brown serve well to complement the materials. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring, as a few carefully chosen pops of color, like orange or turquoise, can make the perfect accent and tie it all together.

Modern Furniture

As the name of the style suggests, you’re going to want to go modern with the furniture. Chic leather chairs and metallic pendant lights maintain the ideal balance without compromising style or comfort.

By combining timeless materials with cutting-edge design, it’s to understand all the hype surrounding the modern-rustic movement.