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Here's How to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

They say you only have seconds to make a good first impression and the same is true when selling a home. No matter how stunning the interior, a home that doesn’t scream luxury as soon as you arrive at its doorstep isn’t living up to its potential. Need some ideas? Here are some elements you might want to introduce to seriously up your curb appeal.

A Water Feature
If you have the space, a front yard water fountain is a lovely way to greet guests or prospective homebuyers. You could also have a stone feature with a small waterfall and some decorative elements, for a look that’s natural as well as luxe. A pond with some lush landscaping is another option, but be aware that it might be a turnoff for buyers with dogs or small children, unless it’s fenced.

Elaborate or lush landscaping is another way to set your luxury home apart, although if you’re selling your home in the middle of a Canadian winter, this might go unnoticed! At the very least, ensure your lawn is trimmed and the leaves are picked up. If it’s a warmer time of year, consider planting trees or shrubs that line the drive.

Upscale Paving
Don’t just make sure your driveway is free from cracks, weeds or oil stains. Make sure it’s inviting and paved in a high-quality material, whether that’s polished brick, slate or flagstones. This makes your entranceway look cohesive and grand, while adding functionality.

The Right Lighting
Elegant lighting can make or break an entrance, especially if you’re planning to show your home in the evenings. Some sleek exterior light fixtures flanking the driveway or illuminating the front door give an element of warmth and welcome.