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Family Room TV Options to Keep You Entertained

One of the most popular rooms in any household is the family room, and we spend much of our time there watching television. And things are vastly different from a generation ago when Mom, Dad and the kiddies got together and watched a few sitcoms or a movie on DVD.

There are endless choices to make these days when it comes to show and movie platforms. Moving into a new home provides the perfect opportunity to look into these options and make a choice that offers the kind of shows your family wants but in the most economical way possible.

Cable and Satellite
These are the more traditional formats—you can simply turn on your television and watch programs as they are being broadcast. There are various packages, which increase in price based on how many channels you want, and so-called “premium” channels like HBO and Showtime that will also add to your monthly bill.

Most areas have a number of providers that offer packages of cable and internet and phone service. And the good news is that many of them offer great deals for new customers that save you a lot of money for your first year or two of service, so do your research and find yourself a bargain.

With satellite, you need to make sure that you’re not in an area with a lot of trees, which could impact the picture and cause headaches you don’t want. Look around your new neighborhood and if you see people with a satellite dish, ask them how coverage is.

Streaming Services
More and more people are cutting the cord, choosing to unsubscribe from cable and watch television through streaming services, such as Netflix, instead. It basically involves buying a product such as Apple TV or an Amazon Fire TV Stick to watch shows.

It can save you a lot of money, but it can get complicated. For example, CBS shows aren’t on Hulu, so if you like programs on that network, you’d have to look into the CBS All Access app, which also has original programming. And sports fan will have a tough time watching their local team without cable or satellite.

With so many options, it’s smart to hold a meeting and figure out your family’s priorities. But rest assured, no matter what direction you go in, everyone in your household is bound to be thoroughly entertained.