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How to Design Your Home Gym

Exercise rooms have fast become an expected amenity for luxury homebuyers. Being able to stick to your daily fitness regimen or have a session with a private trainer without leaving your house is an extraordinary convenience. Besides, we don’t all have time to get to the gym!

Some people hear the term “home gym” and picture a cavernous basement or garage with a set of weights. If you’re looking to design an exercise room that’s a cut above, here are a few tips to get started.

Locate the Space

You’ll have to first pick out which part of the home can be transformed into your gym. In this case, the bigger the better, as you’ll appreciate having extra space to freely move around. Also consider the equipment required for your preferred type of exercise and how it can be accommodated.

Mind the Floors

Rubber flooring is typically the first choice if you’re going to be weightlifting and potentially drop dumbbells on the floor. If that’s not necessarily in store, however, hardwood floors are a more stylish option and you can always place small mats around the room to stretch or place equipment on.

Maximize Light

Ideally, you’ll have large windows and plenty of natural light, especially if you plan on using the space as a yoga or meditation studio. If you’re going to put your exercise room in the basement, pay extra attention to lighting to ensure an optimal workout experience. Recessed or track lighting can be practical solutions for a well-lit workout area.

Mirrors Galore

Having full length mirrors are essential when working out and it’s not just so you can admire your physique. Mirrors allow you to observe your form and practice proper technique to avoid injuries. And, fine, maybe snap the occasional gym selfie!

Music Motivation

An audio system of some sort, be it built-in or portable Bluetooth, is a great way to get pumped up during each session. Or, if you prefer to get your news during your morning exercise routine, having a TV in your home gym is also a great option.