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How to Create a Productive Work-From-Home Environment When You Have Kids

Kids need constant attention, which can put a damper on your overall productivity when working from home.

And while putting your children in front of the TV may seem like the easiest way to keep them occupied during work hours, there are other ways to carve out quiet time so that you can focus on your to-do list.  ‘

Use naptime wisely
Resist the urge to use naptime to catch up on your own sleep (an activity your boss will likely frown upon) and turn the time when your children are snoozing into the most productive part of your day.

For those with children that nap at regular intervals, schedule conference calls, interviews and any other task you need to devote your undivided attention to during this time. If your children don’t take naps, institute a ‘quiet play time’ at the same time each day and encourage them to play quietly with toys and/or books that have been set aside for this particular occasion.

Set up a home office
You may think you work better at a coffee shop or at the kitchen table with chaos going on around you, but when push comes to shove, you’re likely to get more work done if you have a separate home office where interruptions can be managed with a closed door.

While you still might have to work in spurts, a dedicated office will help children understand the concept of dedicating an area to work. It will also teach them to keep distractions to a minimum when you’re working in your office space.

Working from home with children in tow can be a struggle. To get everyone in the right frame of mind—and minimize interruptions—take the time to practice with the entire family so that everyone knows what’s expected of them when you’re in your office with the door closed. By showing your children exactly what you need from them as different work situations arise, you’ll set the stage for a productive work environment.