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5 Kid-Friendly Amenities for the Luxury Home

These days, amenities for the kids aren’t limited to a playroom and a swing set. Luxury homebuyers are willing to shell out top dollar for exciting features that make their children’s wildest dreams come true. Here are a few exciting amenities that will have you ready to re-live your childhood!

Taking the backyard swimming pool to the next level, some homeowners are equipping their properties with waterslides and lazy rivers that rival the local water park. Often times, these slides are designed as part of a grotto and waterfall that allows for a natural look and creates a true backyard oasis.

Bowling Alleys
Bowling alleys are a favorite luxury amenity because they provide fun for the whole family. Whether you’re hosting bowling night or looking for the perfect rainy-day activity, having a bowling lane at home has a wow-factor that everyone can enjoy.

Treehouses don’t exactly mean roughing it anymore. For parents who want a place where kids can immerse themselves in nature and have sleepovers with friends, backyard forts are seeing a higher level in craftsmanship and attention to detail than ever before. If you’re looking for inspiration or want to hire one of the best treehouse builders in the business, check out Nelson Treehouse.

Game Rooms
Game rooms have gotten a bit more elaborate in recent years, to the point that they can be tough to distinguish from an actual arcade. Parents are outfitting these kid-friendly spaces with foosball, air hockey, Skee-Ball and more to give the children the perfect hangout spot when friends and family are visiting.

In-Ground Trampolines
Whether you put it in the backyard or the rec room, an in-ground trampoline provides a way for the kids to burn some energy while bouncing to their hearts’ content. If you’re looking for an amenity that will light up the little ones’ eyes, the in-ground trampoline is a growing trend that you should jump on board with.