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A Guide to Designing Your Vertical Garden

A vertical garden, also known as a living wall, is the ultimate way to bring nature into your home. Whether you’re in the city and want to introduce some greenery into urban quarters or simply enjoy the relaxing ambiance of a wall clad with plants, there are many reasons to consider designing one in your home. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know before getting started on your vertical garden:

Design Details
While you can simply mount a trellis on the wall, you’ll want to reserve that for the terrace or patio. Indoor living walls require a series of pockets to hold the plants and a drip irrigation system that will keep them healthy without making a mess of your home. They make the perfect addition to a living room, but keep in mind how much light each wall gets when deciding where to put the garden. You also don’t need to create large living walls or elaborate designs–small, simple gardens can still add to a room’s ambiance, so determine which type of design is right for you and your space.

Pick Your Plants
The amount of sunlight that the area receives will play a role in the plants best suited to your vertical garden. Golden pothos and crotons are popular choices because they tend to do well in bright, indirect light. Ferns are another favorite because they can grow quickly in shady places and create a verdant setting, though be aware that they do best in humid conditions.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Benefits
There are many immediate advantages to having a green living environment inside your home. For starters, it will improve your air quality and remove pollutants so you and your family can enjoy a healthier atmosphere. If you can hear the sounds of the city from your living room, or the kids are learning to play the drums in the room next door, you’ll be happy to hear that vertical gardens are also effective ways to reduce noise pollution. Lastly, plants are proven to reduce our stress levels, meaning this eco-chic design will help you relax each day.