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7 Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

If you’re always short of cabinet and counter space, it’s time to declutter your kitchen. But that’s a chore that seems to get relegated to “someday.” According to Country Living Magazine, the job may be easier if you know where to start. If you want to give yourself more kitchen space, begin by getting rid of the following:

Your plastic container collection. Most of us have far too many plastic containers haphazardly stuffed somewhere in our kitchens, including those empty deli and margarine containers we’ve saved. Limit yourself to containers in two sizes, and no more than five or six of each–with lids.

Your weirdly sentimental mugs. Too much shelf space is often given up to mugs that you’ll never use–from vacation souvenirs to those with cutesy sayings. Harden your heart and get rid of most of them. It’s almost guaranteed that you won’t miss them.

Reusable shopping bags. Keep only two or three of those eco-friendly bags, and get them out of the pantry. Store them in the trunk of your car for use when you do your shopping.

Anything that came free with your dinner. That goes for spare chopsticks, soy sauce packets, kids’ meal toys and other stuff that’s cluttering your kitchen drawers. You’re going to get more the next time you order, so there’s no point in stockpiling.

Plastic grocery bags. If you have more than 10 balled up in a cabinet or drawer, get rid of the rest. Check local rules to see if you can dispose of them in your curbside recycling bin, or find a retail store that collects plastic bags for recycling.

One-use gadgets you thought you’d use. Garlic presses, apple corers, hot chocolate frothers–your cabinets may be full of specialty cooking gadgets that serve only one purpose. If it’s taking up space and you use it less than four times a year, it’s probably worth tossing out, especially if there’s an everyday item that can get the job done.

Rarely used cookbooks. If they’ve sat on a shelf for more than a year without being used, it’s time to sell or otherwise dispose of cookbooks collecting dust. Keep only family collections and your favorite specialty cookbooks.

By following these tips, your kitchen will be clean and clutter-free in no time!

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