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4 Tips for Curating Your Shelves

When it’s time to sell your home, you want it looking its best. This often means putting your designer hat on and doing a bit of staging. One of the many areas to consider breathing new life into is your shelving. Though often overlooked, shelves are an opportunity to strike a balance between functional storage and fashionable display. If you’re looking to make your house more memorable, here are five tips for curating shelves that are stylish and creative.

Form and Function
First, consider your current shelving situation and determine if it’s time for an upgrade to the overall aesthetic. If you don’t have built-ins, there are tons of different options that are easy to install, from floating shelves to open box shelves. Wood and glass are popular to use because of their versatility, though you should have a sense of how you’ll decorate your shelves before picking out materials.

Show Off Books
If you read on a Kindle or tablet, the reality is that your collection of books may not be seeing the use it once did. The good news, however, is that the books still look good on your shelves. Rather than putting the entire collection out in the living room, there’s a much stronger design impact if you choose a handful of books that are visually pleasing or mean the most to you. If you have a vintage record collection, that works just as well.

Go Green
Houseplants can provide the perfect sense of balance amidst your other objects and artifacts. Cacti or succulents are fun and low-maintenance options that work especially well if you’re going for just a few select items in a clutter-free space.

Exhibit Your Art
Give your home the feel of a gallery with a selection of artwork displayed on the shelves. Whether it’s handmade pottery, sculptures, or framed pictures that are leaning against the wall, this can be a surprising use of space that feels sophisticated. It’s far from just using it as a place to store everyday odds and ends.