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Lighting Tricks to Stage a Small Space

While we all wish we had plentiful, oversized windows to let in natural light or soaring ceilings to hang fixtures from, sometimes the reality of staging your home to sell is that, well, you don’t. Showing off a small or awkwardly-shaped space in its best light can be a challenge. These smart lighting tricks can help:

Bounce light off the ceiling. If you lack overhead lighting in a room, try a floor lamp in a torchiere-style or something similar that bounces light off the ceiling. This gives a warm glow while giving the illusion of a larger space.

Opt for a dramatic overhead pendant. In a small room or one that lacks surface space, try a single overhead pendant light that’s either oversized or embellished. Rattan pendant lights are having a moment right now, but something in white or an unexpected texture can make a big impact too, all without sacrificing space.

Invest in a modern flush mount. Particularly effective in rooms with low ceilings, today’s flush mounts are not the ’90s-inspired fixtures of the past. They mount easily to the ceiling for a low-profile look and feature sleek designs with contemporary embellishments.

Opt for wall-mounted. Another trick for small spaces or those with limited surface space is to install a wall-mounted sconce. These look great in bedrooms over a nightstand, while larger-scale models with rotating arms can be perfect for living rooms or office spaces.

Go low-profile with an arched floor lamp. If you have a small space with a high ceiling, try an arched floor lamp. These tend to be low-profile but the angle and dramatic curve act as a stand-in for overhead lighting.