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How to Maximize Space in Your Laundry Room

Moms since the dawn of civilization have been struggling to contain the massive loads of laundry their families require, and the laundry room has long been a safe haven away from the chaos of the familial home. Despite the enormously important purpose they serve, laundry rooms are typically one of the smaller rooms in your home and can often start to feel cramped. Learning how to maximize the space you do have becomes even more important if you’re looking to sell your home as potential buyers love to see a functional, roomy laundry room.

Hang up wire racks for dryer sheets and drying clothes. Wall storage is one of the key tricks to making a laundry room appear more spacious. Rather than laying out lingerie and stray socks on a flat drying rack that takes up floor space, hang a wire hanging rack from the wall. It’s an inexpensive and easy hack that will make your space look both more organized and highly functional.

Build some storage shelves. Wall shelves hung directly over the washer and dryer units not only conserve space, but they also make necessities highly accessible. This makes for an easy and inexpensive DIY project that you can do yourself in a few hours, and it will make the laundry room that much more appealing to potential buyers. Shelving is the best way to make proper use of a small space, and there are a variety of options you can consider depending on the size and layout of your room. Popular options include corner shelving, bookshelves and pedestal drawers.

Create a folding station. Buyers with busy homes will love this addition as it means they can take care of their laundry right in one single space without having to move to another room to fold the laundry. A folding station doesn’t have to take up too much space, but adding a small table where laundry can be ironed and folded will not only make the space look larger, but provide it with additional functionality.