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5 Tricks to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut? Need to spark your imagination and develop something new? Thinking creatively is no easy task, and many of us find ourselves at a loss when our brains get tired of generating ideas. If you feel the need to refresh your mind and gain a different perspective, try these five tips to help get your creative juices flowing:

1. Change your scenery. Go for a walk. Fresh air clears your mind, and being outdoors stimulates your senses. Plus, increased circulation, even from light exercise, results in more oxygen to the brain, which is always a helpful boost when you’re stumped.

2. Break your routine. Sticking to a routine is a great way to stay organized, but doing the same thing day-in and day-out can leave you bored and unmotivated. Drive a different way to work, spend some time in the library, or go to the park to switch up your routine and get inspired.

3. Write in a journal. Keeping your daily thoughts bottled up leaves little room for creativity, because your brain is focused on remembering that doctor’s appointment or meeting a deadline at work. Journaling is an easy way to get these off your mind, with the added benefit of teaching you to process information differently.

4. Tidy up your space. De-cluttering your actual space almost always frees up head space. Take some time to neaten up your desk–a less chaotic office becomes a welcome mat for innovative thinking.

5. Turn off your gadgets. Being inundated with media stifles creative thinking. It’s much more challenging to come up with ideas when there are other outlets doing the thinking for you. Shut your cellphone, television and computer off, even if only for a few minutes, and give yourself an opportunity to be present with your own thoughts.

Before getting frustrated or giving up on your latest creative endeavor, try these tricks to help clear your mind and spur inspiration.

Source: American Express