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How to Make Your Yard More Private

Living in a neighborhood with houses close together can make you feel as though eyes are upon you whenever you set foot in your yard. With some relatively simple modifications, though, you can have more privacy.

Ways to Make Your Entire Yard More Private
A fence can keep strangers from peering into your yard while you’re relaxing outdoors or while your kids are playing. A fence can also keep strangers and wandering animals out of your yard to protect your family. Before you install a fence, check on the location of the property line and local zoning rules and discuss it with your neighbor.

Some people are offended if a neighbor puts up a fence. Hedges can be an effective way to shield your family from prying eyes that may be more appealing than a fence to the people living next door. If you plant shrubs and small trees in a variety of species, you can have beautiful colors along the perimeter of the yard that both you and your neighbors can enjoy. Visit a local garden center to ask for advice about species appropriate for your region’s soil and climate.

If your backyard doesn’t have any naturally occurring hills, you can create one or more berms, or small hills. They can raise any shrubs you plant to provide more privacy. Berms also drain better than flat plant beds.

A solid wall can be an attractive addition to your property that can increase privacy. You can make a wall seem less imposing by including a gate or some plants.

How to Make One Part of Your Yard More Private
You might be able to use an existing structure to your advantage. For example, putting a patio next to your garage or building a deck on a side of the house that already has trees can block that area from view.

Lattice panels are easy to install and can block one section of your yard. If you have a patio that you use for entertaining and don’t want your neighbors to be able to see you and your guests, a few lattice panels can do the trick. Vines and flowers can add some color to the area. Just make sure the vines you choose aren’t too heavy for the lattice panels.

A pergola is another way to create a secluded space in your yard. A pergola can be an ideal location for a table and chairs to relax with family and friends. Vines and lattice panels can offer additional privacy.

Choose the Best Solution to Increase Privacy
Many homeowners find their dream home and realize after moving in that they crave more privacy. There are many ways to accomplish that goal. Explore a range of options, and familiarize yourself with local zoning codes and homeowners association rules before you make changes to your property.