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10 Simple Ways to Cut Expenses and Save

When it comes to saving money, every dollar counts. Whether you want to save up for a down payment or a vacation, or if you need to fatten your emergency fund, you can help meet your financial goal by evaluating your current expenses and finding simple ways to cut back. Of course, saving may also require you to make some sacrifices and prioritize your needs over wants.

To help get you started, consider these 10 cost-cutting tips from American Consumer Credit Counseling:

1. Utilize public transportation. If you have access to public transportation, using it can save you a lot of money on parking, gas or even buying a car in general.

2. Carpool. Split the cost of commuting by taking advantage of carpool lanes on your way to work. Carpooling can also reduce the wear on your car and, in turn, reduce future mechanical expenses.

3. Unplug electrical devices. Most devices still draw electricity even when they’re not in use. Be sure to unplug all devices that aren’t in use to cut down on power costs.

4. Reduce or get rid of cable. Downgrade from premium cable, or get rid of it altogether. Most of the main channels offer either free or minimal monthly subscriptions to stream shows.

5. Cook at home. Going out for meals is not cheap, and the costs add up quickly. Cooking at home more often can significantly reduce your expenses. Also, consider cooking in bulk and freezing the leftovers for future family meals or bringing them to work for lunch.

6. Buy off-brand. Buying off-brand products at grocery stores can add up to significant savings over time. There’s often little to no difference between brand and off-brand items. You can also save by buying generic or store-brand drugs. Talk to your doctor about less expensive alternatives to name brands.

7. Cancel gym memberships. Go for a run outside, hop on a bike and lift weights at home for a cheaper option to exercise.

8. Turn off the lights. To save on electricity expenses, don’t forget to turn off lights each time you leave a room.

9. Insurance policies. Whether you’re looking for health, life, property or auto insurance, always shop around for coverage. Then periodically check to ensure you’re getting the best rates. Many insurance companies offer bundled discounts.

10. Clothing. Buy clothes out of season when stores discount them.

These are just 10 examples of the many ways you can reduce your expenses. Although some might seem like minor changes, the savings could add up big over time. Get creative, make some sacrifices and reap the benefits!