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How to Elevate Your Closets for the Modern Buyer

There are some things that modern buyers just don’t want to compromise on, and a stunning master retreat complete with a walk-in-closet is usually one of them. If you’re prepping a property for sale and really want to give your bedroom closets an edge, try these tips to make them seem truly indulgent as well as functional.

Choose a range of storage styles. A variety of options for hanging and storing clothing is not only practical, but also provides visual interest. A mix of short and tall rails for hanging, open and closed shelving is often the best solution. Don’t forget to leave some feature shelves for those items that are display-worthy.

Provide seating. A true luxury walk-in closet calls for a reminder that it’s good to sit for a moment. Whether it’s sitting back on plush material to admire a new outfit or resting as you take off a pair of stilettos at the end of the day, seating in a walk-in-closet is a great feature if you have the space. This can range from a love seat or chaise lounge for larger spaces, to a simple velvet or fur-covered ottoman for smaller ones.

Mirrors and lighting are key. A full-length mirror in a closet or dressing room is a fantastic idea. Not only does it provide a place for one to admire their outfit, but it can make a small closet seem larger. Lighting is also crucial when designing a truly luxurious walk-in. Opt for lighting that’s warm, yet bright enough to see everything in the space. Inner-drawer lighting can be helpful too, especially for more delicate items, like jewellery or cufflinks.

That extra touch. With all the functional and stylistic elements in place, it’s time for a few extra upscale touches. Consider a splash of designer wallpaper or a luxurious rug underfoot. High-end hardware or light fixtures—even a chandelier—can help pull the space together too.