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How to Stage Your Extra Bedrooms

If you’re selling a property, you might have bedrooms to spare. And while you might be tempted to leave them staged as, well, bedrooms, having a surplus of spaces can actually be a great opportunity to show buyers what they could really be used for.

A Dressing Room
Got a spare bedroom? Why not turn it into a luxury closet? Invest in some open shelving, a luxury armchair, a full-length mirror and some flattering lighting, and you’ve got a walk-in closet but better. If you have access to natural light in this room, you can even have it double as a makeup or hair station.

A Home Gym or Wellness Studio
Why plunk another bed in there when you could show buyers how easy it is to up their fitness game in the comfort of their new home? Invest in some mirrors, a sound system and display (some!) workout equipment. For more of a Zen feel, you could also stage it as a yoga studio.

A Luxury Office
Courting those executive buyers who frequently clock in hours from home? Swap your spare bedroom into a C suite office. An executive desk and chair, some minimalist shelving and some upscale task lighting might be all you need to convince your new buyers. Pro tip: Home offices are more attractive if located in quieter areas of the house, so skip this step if the bedroom is right off the kitchen or kids’ playroom.

A Kid’s Lounge
Kids and teens love having their own space to chill out and spend time with friends. Consider staging a spare bedroom as a den, with a flat-screen TV, a comfortable sectional and some storage. You can even set up a homework station if you want to make it do double duty. Potential buyers with kids—or kids on the way—might see your luxury property in a new light.