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4 Herbs You Should Be Growing in Your Kitchen

Fresh herbs make any dish pop. They’re the perfect addition to any meal and add a dynamic flavor while keeping your food as healthy and nutritious as ever. An outdoor herb garden may not be an option for you if  you have limited outdoor space, or live in a harsh climate. However, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the flavor and joy of growing your own food. Growing herbs in your kitchen can be a snap. If you have decided you are ready to start your own windowsill garden in your kitchen, don’t forget to include these five herbs.


Whether you are ready to craft your own fresh pesto, or you simply want to add some extra color and texture to your next homemade pizza, basil is a versatile herb with plenty of uses in your favorite recipes. Basil plants grow well in warm environments with approximately 6 hours of sun each day. This makes them the perfect candidate for your kitchen herb garden.


An herb that you either love or hate, cilantro may find its way into your kitchen if you love a good fiesta. The perfect add-in to homemade salsa and other mexican dishes, you’ll want this delicious herb for your next taco dinner. Cilantro requires full sun for four to five hours per day, which means it can happily sit next your basil in a sunny kitchen window.


An excellent addition to your iced teas and a tasty herb to infuse in water, mint also makes a great garnish for many dishes. Mint does well with four to six hours of sunlight each day, making it an ideal addition to your burgeoning windowsill garden.


Another herb that thrives with five to six hours of sunlight is oregano. This is an excellent herb to round out your kitchen garden. While oregano might be most famous for its presence in your favorite tomato sauce, it has a lot of delicious uses when paired with fish and other meats.

Growing herbs in your kitchen can take your home cooking from bland to professional quality. A little love and a lot of sunlight can go a long way to make your next dish amazing.

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