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5 Signs It's Time for a New Mattress

A good night’s rest helps you have a good day, not to mention stay healthy and alert. But if your mattress no longer gives you the proper comfort and support, it could mess with the many benefits of quality sleep.

Is it time for you to buy a new mattress? To help you decide, Consumer Reports offers these five signs that your mattress might be shot and worth replacing:

1. It’s a little lumpy. Lumps or deep indentations can happen over time, no matter which materials a mattress is made of. It may also sag, causing you to roll to the center.

2. The foam is failing. Spilling water on certain types of foam may cause damage to the adhesive between the layers, causing them to shift. The foam may also just degrade over time.

3. You’re waking up sore. A worn-out mattress might no longer support your spine’s natural curve, causing stress to other parts of your body as you sleep. If you’re suddenly waking up with unexplained soreness, your mattress might no longer be giving you the support you need.

4. You can feel the foundation. Sleeping in the same spot every night can compress the layers so much over time that you can begin to feel the bed slats or whatever else the mattress is placed on.

5. The springs are poking you. Ouch! If you’ve moved your mattress often or sat in the same spot for extended periods of time (such as when watching TV in bed), you’ve probably pushed its innards out of alignment and a spring might’ve been pushed out of place.

If your mattress is still in good shape, Consumer Reports also offers a few simple tips to help it stay that way.

For example, you should rotate and/or flip your mattress at least twice a year to prevent long-term pressure in certain spots from denting or otherwise damaging those areas. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to learn when and how to perform this duty properly for the type of mattress you own.

Another way to help preserve your mattress is to avoid unnecessary stress caused by, say, sitting at the edge to put your shoes on or bouncing in and out of bed. The gentler you are with your mattress, the longer it’ll likely last.

Sweet dreams!