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5 Basics to Jumpstart Your Home Gym

We all know it; sitting is the new smoking. Everyday experts are coming out with new reasons for us to get our bodies moving to ensure long term health, but it can still be hard to get to the gym while accommodating your busy schedule. If you’re ready to make exercise a little easier on yourself by starting at home, there are a few items you should have to jumpstart your home gym and tackle those excuses.

Non-Slip Exercise Mat

Slipping and tripping is an easy way to set yourself up for an injury while you are just getting started. Prevent an injury while making your workout more comfortable by selecting a cushioning mat that will support you while you perfect your next moves. Bonus, if you are working out while others are in the home, these mats can act as a mild sound dampener during your next HITT session.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are useful for a multitude of exercises, and finding a set with various weights can make them a veristiale powerhouse for building muscle. Opt for an adjustable dumbbell set that will allow you to add or take away weight as-needed. This makes it simple to swap based on your exercise routine for the day, and makes it easy to share with family members who may have different fitness regimens. 

Foam Roller

Supporting your health through exercise comes with its fair share of perks, but sore muscles isn’t one of them. While you can mitigate soreness by stretching after your workouts, foam rollers take the cake when it comes to relieving muscle tightness.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are perfect for beginners and experienced exercise enthusiasts alike. Their low-cost makes them approachable and they are easy to store without cluttering your space. Buy a set with a range of resistance levels to ensure you always have the right level of challenge for your goals.

Streaming Device

A streaming device is a vital tool for the home gym. Between instructional videos on Youtube, tv streaming applications you already have, and fitness-specific subscriptions options, you will be sure to find great workouts to follow.

Remember this is just a jumpstart to get you on your way to the perfect home gym. Wait until you have created a habit with these essentials before buying any bulky equipment that you won’t commit to using.