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3 Tips for Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Having a beautifully landscaped property makes your home instantly more welcoming and can also increase your home value by boosting your curb appeal. However, unless you are willing to get down-and-dirty, or want to budget for a consistent landscaping team, a beautiful yard can seem like a daunting undertaking. Thankfully, there are some excellent options for low-maintenance landscaping for any home that you will love.

Go For Mulch

Whether you opt for an expansive lawn with easy to care for foliage surrounding it, or you opt for an even lower maintenance option to cover the expanse of your yard, you will no-doubt want to create a few planting beds to add visual appeal and variety. In these areas, keep it simple by covering the bed with a barrier cloth and mulch for weed control. You can opt to replace organic mulch (which will provide your garden with nutrients) annually, or select rubber mulch for a truly hands-off option. There are pros and cons for both options depending on your climate, so consult a local garden expert to find out what is best for your needs.

Choose River Rock

While river rock requires a larger upfront investment than mulch, it can be used in areas where mulch may have been used. Its benefits are similar to that of inorganic mulch–it will not decay over the course of the year and will not need to be replaced. Large river rocks can serve as an accent or focal-point in an otherwise plant-based yard, while smaller river rocks can take the place of full lawns.

Low-Maintenance Plant Choices

Native or Xeric plants are the perfect options to ensure that your yard has greenery without needing to be constantly tended to. Plants that grow locally are less-likely to need excessive care to flourish in your yard and climate, making them a logical inclusion in your landscaping. Alternatively xeriscaping your yard by adding Succulents like Aloe Vera, hearty ornamental sages, and Artemisia is an excellent way to add texture and beauty while remaining relatively drought resistant. This can allow you to conserve water and reduce your need to water often, but still have a visually appealing yard.

Having curb appeal doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your hard-earned weekends on the yard. A little knowledge of your local climate can do a lot to ensure that your landscaping is low-maintenance and lasts for years to come.